GENRE: Documentary movie
LANGUAGE: Ukrainian, Germany
COUNTRY: Ukraine
YEAR: 2023 [work in process]
SOUND: Stereo
FORMAT: DCP / Digital file ProRes 422 HQ 1080p 

The hero is a postman living in a small village in Ukraine. He attends the funerals of fallen soldiers from his community and is moved to create art using discarded war materials. He sells his artwork at the local market and donates all proceeds to the army. Despite receiving a summons to join the army, he decides to take a trip around Ukraine to experience life before war. Along the way, he meets new people, falls in love with a girl he met online, and reconnects with old friends and family. He comes to appreciate the beauty of his country and the people who inhabit it, but the threat of war is always present. Ultimately, he must decide whether to continue living his life or to fulfill his duty and join the army. He visits his brother's grave, stays in a hotel near the sea to feel the closeness of the war, and struggles with the decision of whether to go to war or to stay and continue living his life.